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lost in space has produced a 2 minute film for the launch of the new look HONDA CIVIC directed by Zeitguised with soundtrack by funkstorung.

inspired by zeitguised's edgy experimental animations Honda's agency nexus-h commissioned lost and space to produce a 2 minute film inspired by the new look HONDA CIVIC. the nexus-h creative directors Glenn Smith and Craig Roderick felt that HONDA's radically innovative new CIVIC deserved an equally radical film to celebrate its launch!

Rokkit directors Zeitguised were being loaned out to lost in space for the below-the-line production of the Honda Civic film.

movie (18mg Quicktime)

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Bringing a new flavour to the mix, leading creative studio Lost In Space have signed pioneering audio/video artists Addictive TV to their roster of cutting-edge graphic artists, CGI animators and film-makers.   

Addictive TV, who've just directed the Rapture Riders video mash-up of Blondie vs. The Doors for EMI, are one of the World's top artists/producers in the area of audiovisual mixing, remixing and live visuals.   They've produced commercial work for clients including Channel 4, BT, Agnes B and Wella Shockwaves.

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Addictive TV have had their work screened at festivals worldwide from Resfest to Sonar and last year were voted #1 VJs in the world by DJ Magazine.   As performers, this year Addictive TV have been touring their live cinema project "The Eye of the Pilot" which they've performed at venues including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the National Theatre in London and The Cologne Museum of Applied Arts.   The EMI Rapture Riders project remixes Blondie's Rapture with The Doors' Riders on the Storm and Addictive TV got the gig to make the video after creating a series of bootleg movie remixes, including 60's Classic The Italian Job, which created a real buzz after doing the rounds to much acclaim on the internet.

"What happened in music sampling is clearly happening now audiovisually" says Graham Daniels from Addictive TV, "companies have all kinds of interesting archive material that can be creatively reused, all it takes is a bit of a new mind-set; but in reality we're as much at home creating new material as remixing existing".  

In December Addictive TV fly east to play an audiovisual club set in Bangkok, where Lost in Space maintains a studio, before flying onto other dates in the Far East.

addictive tv's  frantic paced video/audio scratching techniques can been seen in this short bond themed clip.

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press coverage - aug05

» various articles featuring lostinspace and network appear in print , press
grafik magazine talks to christian about his new canon D20 toy.












grafik covers the use of the new generation digital cameras by designers and artists in this months issue 131. interview with lost in space's christian hogue about playing with his new toy the canon d20.

check out the images on flickr


and the story here..


» mixmasters film for addictive tv film
christian hogue creates a 10 minute film to a jesper norda soundtrack for addictive tv's mixmasters series that brings together visual artists and musicians.



» algorithmic imagery for Identity print, moving image, web
lost in space created several illustrations and animations based on the concept of algorithmically generated complexity from repitition of simple shapes. inspired by MIT medialab pioneering imagery christian hogue worked with thai interactive artist Nattavut Luenthaison to CDT uk's brief


» visual effects supervision on sanctuary the first remixable film pilot, film
christian hogue supervised the vfx sequences for the short film sanctuary shot in sydney in may. sanctuary is a pilot film to showcase remixable film technology and concepts.


christian also shot the production stills for the shoot which can be viewed on flickr.com


» film for publicis uk film
lost in space designers created a 4 minute film for publicis for direct client to client communications. using after effects the 4 minute film was produced in only 10 days using 3 designers. if we tell you more we will have to kill you.

» concept development for w+k print / moving image
lost in space designer leo marcantonio worked with w+k creatives on concept development. our expertise in design and 3d enables us to collaboratively explore and develop concepts to a high level of visual completion for agencies presenting these concepts to their clients.


» mixmasters film features in DOTMOV 04 japan ,

he film has featured in the DOTMOV festival in japan and will be included in a book published by IDN as a collection of the festivals works.

» GET IT LOUDER: ann xiao attends china's first international design are festival

lost in space's director ann xiao returned to her native being this summer to attend the GET IT LOUDER conference. she has brought back many exciting goodies for us to look at! check out the conference site on.


» mixmasters film screened at MAF05 in bangkok in DOTMOV 04 japan

subsequently the film was screened at the opening of the MAF05 the thailand media art festival in feb 05 at bedsupper club where christian also VJ'd during the festival wrap party with DJ rene chu.

click me for link to story!

» christian speaks at IDEASCITY conference in sapporo japan

sapporo invited a select few of the uk leading creative companies to participate in the ideascity conference in feb this year. the conference aims to put sapporo on the global map in terms of creative industries. the festival coincided with the first ESIN work shops designer to foster creativity. designed by tomato and hosted by the ICC the event was great success despite -6C temps and 5 foot of snow!

» lost in space VJ's at polly club bangkok

christian VJ'd the lost in space networks work at an media art gig sponsored by heineken and van dutch at bangkok's polly club!


press coverage

» various articles featuring lostinspace and network appear in print , press
ann xiao and toyota films in junes computer arts and televisual
simon robsons work in cgworld japan.


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