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NEWS: cyber creations

lost in space produces cyber creations for CDT design of london.

christian altman creative assosiate of CDT Design london commissioned lost in space to create several procedurally generated abstract illustrations and flash animations for use in a new corperate identity package for Bevan Brittan one of the uk's leading law firms.

inspired by the MIT Media Lab's pionering work with procedurally or alogrythmicly generated imagery based on the simple but elegant repitition of basic shapes which create an almost organic complexity. lost in space developed several illustrations and animations for the project by programming in flash. thai artist Nattavut Luenthaison with experience of procedural animation for live concerts and installations work worked closely with cdt exploring many combinations of shapes and colors to create the final animations and illustrations.











one of the advantages of using a algorythmic approach to image generation is that it is easy to modify the basic program to create variations on a theme to provide a broad spectrum of choice for the client.

eg variations and variations2.

macromedia flash was selected to produce the imagery as stills and animaitons where required to be scalable and therefore vector based for use on the web and in print. quicktime movies were created for video playback.

(PRESS please email for full size stills pack, remove the -NOSPAM from the email address)

client : Bevan Brittan
design: CDT design

creative partner : neil walker
creative associate : christian altman
producer : georgina browning

film production : lost in space
artist/programmer: Nattavut Luenthaison
producer: christian hogue