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NEWS: zeitguised creates Honda CIVIC launch film

lost in space has produced a 2 minute film for the launch of the new look HONDA CIVIC directed by Zeitguised with soundtrack by funkstorung.

inspired by zeitguised's edgy experimental animations Honda's agency nexus-h commissioned lost and space to produce a 2 minute film inspired by the new look HONDA CIVIC. the nexus-h creative directors Glenn Smith and Craig Roderick felt that HONDA's radically innovative new CIVIC deserved an equally radical film to celebrate its launch!

Rokkit directors Zeitguised were being loaned out to lost in space for the below-the-line production of the Honda Civic film.

movie (18mg Quicktime)

    click for clip


nexusDM_master_amendC002409.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC003405.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC003905.jpg
nexusDM_master_amendC004122.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC004814.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC005210.jpg
nexusDM_master_amendC005722.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC010414.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC011406.jpg
nexusDM_master_amendC011923.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC012310.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC012514.jpg
nexusDM_master_amendC012615.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC012623.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC012901.jpg
nexusDM_master_amendC013803.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC014910.jpg nexusDM_master_amendC015306.jpg

Client: Honda motor europe
Agency: nexus-h
Creative Directors: Glenn Smith/Craig Roderick

production: lost in space
director: zeitguised
producer/vfx supervisor: christian hogue

live action production: enchanted films
cinematographer: jonathan clabburn
producer: roger w moore

computer animation: no strings attached ltd
supervisor: alan marques

grade and online : John Cryer @ the joint

additional compositing: marios theodosi

soundtrack: funkstorung