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NEWS: spiro/nano/dietoms

lost in space produces a 10 minute film for addictive tv's mixmasters series.

every year addictive TV invites visual artists and musicians to team up to create short films for their mixmasters tv series. for the 4th series for british tv lost in space's christian hogue directs and animates a film with soundscapes by jesper norda.


click on image above for the movie. thanks to maf/culturebase for hosting the clip.

Mixmasters returns to British TV for it's fourth series.

"TV's most important multimedia DJ event"

"Now in its fourth year and nominated for Best Music TV Series at Music
Week's CADS04 awards, Addictive TV's 'Mixmasters' returns, bringing
electronic music to television its totally unique way.

The show features exclusive mixes from leading DJs - this year includes
Derrick Carter, Ellen Alien, Plump DJs, Matthew Dear and Hiroshi Watanabe -
which are then fused with visual mixes from top VJs and animators from the
likes of Switzerland's Francois Chalet, Germany's Giraffentoast and
Pfadfinderei, French VJs eMovie and Milosh, plus design gurus Lost in Space.
The show also includes original audiovisual work from artists making both
music and visuals, including Orbital collaborators The Mellowtrons, Diesel
U-Music Award winners Exceeda, DJ Si Begg & Robin Mahoney's The Noodles
Foundation and Addictive TV themselves"

created with realtime software TOUCH from derivative inc and post processed in after effects the 10 minute film only took 3 weeks to complete. the composer supplied the final mix as component tracks which were used to drive various aspects of the realtime cyber creation while other aspects where performed in realtime to the soundtrack by christian the artist.


the film has featured in the DOTMOV festival in japan and will be included in a book published by IDN as a collection of the festivals works.

subsequently the film was screened at the opening of the MAF05 the thailand media art festival in feb 05.


spironanodietoms-full01-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full02-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full03-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full04-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full05-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full06-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full07-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full08-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full09-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full10-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full11-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full12-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full13-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full14-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full15-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full16-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full17-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full18-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full19-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full20-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full21-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full22-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full23-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full24-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full25-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full26-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full27-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full28-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full29-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full30-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full32-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full33-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full34-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full35-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full36-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full37-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full38-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full39-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full40-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full41-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full42-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full44-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full45-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full46-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full47-lo.jpg
spironanodietoms-full48-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full49-lo.jpg spironanodietoms-full51-lo.jpg


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commissioners : addictive tv

film production : lost in space
director: christian hogue
sound: jesper norda