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simon robson the creator of "what barry says" signs with lost in space for representaion in europe, america and japan

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simon robson is an award winning young designer with a political conscience. the creator of the controversial short film "what barry says" simon has applied his designers eye to create a hard hitting, stylish, revealing and powerful, motion graphics film to illustrate the narrative of Barry McNamara's discourse on the real reasons behind the so-called War on Terror and the USA's recent invasion of IRAQ.

"what Barry Says" artfully articulates the european skepticism of the current War on Terror placing simon on a par with michael moore as a controversial film maker presenting an alternative view of the official reality.

simon says "the artist must evolve with an ever-changing world in order to survive. Each project is visually and emotionally a statement of where you are at the time”.

Simon’s response to “An ever-changing world” is more than evident in his latest animated short film. A reaction to U.S foreign policy in the middle east, “What Barry Says” saw Simon team up with political thinker and narrator Barry McNamara, to create one of the stand-out animated short films of 2004. Winner of best animation at this years Brooklyn International Film Festival and shown at onedotzero, Resfest, Rushes Soho Shorts and the Toronto, Melbourne underground and Edinburgh film festivals, “What Barry Says” has certainly left it’s mark on the film festivals of 2004. Add to this the coverage the film has received in ‘Creative Review’, ‘Design Week’, ‘Televisual’, ‘Dazed and Confused’ magazines and Metro newspaper, and it’s obvious what an impact this film has had.

Although more than thrilled with the reception “What Barry Says” has had, Simon is quick to put this into context. “The film is extremely political, and although it was fantastic to represent Barry’s views, I am not just a political animator. My style is about making visual statements within my work and finding ever more innovative ways of working one statement into another. I’m also all about juxtaposing type with image.”

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Simons ability to project such a hard hitting message in a such a simple and concise way exemplifies his powerful design and communications skills. simon will be a valuable addition to the lost in space stable of moving image makers.

recent press coverage includes the following articles in mainstream and design media. with several awards from festivals around the world.

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