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NEWS: Toyota's Expo Butterflies

lost in space's director/animator ann xiao created two films for toyota's expo pavilion.

the films follow a butterfly's journey through beautiful east meets west scenery. the films are inspired by traditional kimono patterns and representations of nature and animals. the first film shows a butterflies journey as is slowly flies from sunrise morning grasslands past lake side reeds and ultimately a bird filled forest up into the sky. the journey symbolises toyota's quest for the ultimate vehicle to be expressed in its i-unit concept vehicle. the second film is a butterflies journey through the history of the world from volcanic formation of the planet, the ages of man and machine, to the utopian city dream.

the 2 films were animated in after effects in london and thailand with christian supervising the thai animators involved. office miki handled translation and coordination with the japanese client in tokyo.

original treatment

film1 & 2

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still still still
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still still still
still still still
still still

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client : toyota
agency: dentsu
production company: dentsu-tec
creative director : Tomoyuki Kato
producer : Chisako Hasegawa

film production : lost in space
director: ann xiao
producer: christian hogue
japanese producer: naoko miki

animation: ann xiao, christian hogue, klung